About CLASH!


Welcome to CLASH!: The Sibling Rivalry Podcast. This is the one and only show where two black nerd siblings, one brother and one sister, come together in a CLASH of ideas and perspectives on all things gaming, anime, and pop culture related. Join us every week as we talk about different news topics and all the things we love about being nerds.


Where can you listen?






And most other podcast services. 


How can you engage?

Email: siblingrivalryclash@gmail.com

Be a part of the conversation! We want you all to write in to us! Send in questions or comments and we'll read them on the show. Also send us feedback so we know how to get better! 


Tumblr: https://siblingrivalryclash.tumblr.com/

Follow along with the conversation each week through tumblr. We try to post the topics and links to our sources each week for easy reference.




Tweet at us about anything! Really!

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